Shades of Grey

Beanie - Muji | Turtle neck - Uniqlo | High-waisted tweed trousers - Henny Wong | Coat - Zara  | Sneakers - Converse  W...

Beanie - Muji | Turtle neck - Uniqlo | High-waisted tweed trousers - Henny Wong | Coat - Zara | Sneakers - Converse 

Winter is probably the holy grail of all the four seasons in the year for any fashion enthusiasts with the love for layering. In my previous blog post, I mentioned about being given the liberty to layer up when all the cold air finally hits, and how I was trying to make the most of it. Although the winter breeze could be a pain in the ass sometimes, or a literal pain to the face, for that matter, there is quite a fun to it. Picking out different pieces to throw on top of the other to add a different dimension to the look, before slapping on the final coat or jacket to go with it. As you can probably tell, this season, I have leaned towards the colour grey a lot more than usual. I had find myself dumping plenty things grey into the shopping bag. Anything from knits, sweats, to even a coat. There's just that versatility to it that allow the colour to be paired with any other colour in the colour wheel. Apart from black and white, it is safe to say that grey is the easiest colour to wear. 

Inspired by the Japanese street style, I have chosen to go for a slightly preppy touch in this look with the turtle neck and high-waisted tweed trousers, yet still keeping it pretty casual with some white-off sneakers and a beanie. If there's one thing I like about Japanese street style is the way they incorporate both minimalistic and sporty aesthetics into their daily wear. Stroll around the Tokyo streets and you can probably spot plenty of the Japanese rocking their sneakers with any kind of outfit. Whether it's sweats they are donning, or a tutu skirt. 

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