Layering up

Long flared coat - Handmade | Plaid button up - GU | Peg trousers - Handmade | Gold-dipped foliage bracelet - ...

Long flared coat - Handmade | Plaid button up - GU | Peg trousers - Handmade | Gold-dipped foliage bracelet - | Baker 28mm watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs | Metallic shoes - dr. Martens 

One of the things that I have grown to get used to since moving up here is the climate. As you know, Indonesia is a tropical country, which means the sun is always on the mission to kill us all year round.  For that, we weren't really given the opportunity to experiment with layering. Okay, we still could, but honestly? I would just find myself agitated by the heat most of the time. I could just imagine myself wearing this outfit in my city and feeling like tearing them off every second of it. Which is why I was excited to come up here where there is a various of different seasons in the 12 months of the year. But if you asked me, spring and autumn are hands down my favourite time of the year. They've got this perfect balance where it's not too cold you have to hide under the bulky knits, practically mummifying yourself, but it's still cold enough that you have an excuse to layer up. So, I gladly took advantage of that and made myself this long flared coat. 

With this piece I wanted something with a clean silhouette and the right amount of versatility that it could go with almost every piece of garment in my closet. Talking about versatility, you would think I would go for something of the black and white colour scheme. Instead, I chose this dusty shade of pink. This might not come as a total surprise to you guys, but pink is one of my all time favourite colour. When in doubt, go pink, they say. Not that there was ever any doubt considering I've had this fabric tucked away for months, certain that I was going to make a coat out of it, and finally that day came. Broke out my sewing machine and 12 hours later, here it is, worn over a plaid button up and the peg trousers I made a while ago. Threw a pair of not-so-metallic-anymore docs and there goes the preppy and polished look. No pun intended. 

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  1. Nice:) xx

  2. geez, you made that all by yourself! wish you always get a great score in your subjects there. Really wanna see winter in Japan :)

  3. loving your handmade long coat! i also wish to do layering on my daily outfit but its just too hot here :')

  4. Melda, I love your shoes!!