Lazy Day saviour : Co-ords

Two piece set - Newdress | Cardigan - GU | Glasses - JINS There's nothing I...

Two piece set - Newdress | Cardigan - GU | Glasses - JINS

There's nothing I love more than easy-to-wear pieces, suited for lazy days where you can't even bother to dress up. The thing about co-ords is that you never have to spend the time to decide on which bottom should go with this top or which top should go with that bottom. Which let's just say can take up quite a lot of time, especially when you are barely awake at 6a.m in the morning, rushing to your class. 

With the clean and minimalistic cut, they can also work perfectly when you feel like dressing up. Throw on a pair of fancy heels, and off you go to a celebratory night out, or you can just slap on an long knitted cardigan, like what I've done. I actually wore this combo out last week while running errands. With the weather getting colder by the second, there was no way I could have abandoned the cardigan and gone off in just these top and shorts. 

Speaking of long cardigans, I have been obsessed with long cardigans lately, not only do they do the job of keeping you warm, they also do it so stylishly, without making you looking like you just escaped the hospital, so to speak.


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  1. love your cardigan~ and the filter is niceee
    i love easy to wear outfit too ~

    Fresh Cappuccino

  2. super outfit:) xx