Sequins & Tulle

Matching Sequin Top & Tulle Skirt - Handmade | Box Clutch - Handmade | Suede Heels - Forever 21 | Floral Ne...

Matching Sequin Top & Tulle Skirt - Handmade | Box Clutch - Handmade | Suede Heels - Forever 21 | Floral Necklace - H&M
Photographed by Albert Sumitio 

First things first, I've graduated high school! It felt surreal for a while. As cliche as it's going to sound, high school flew by very quickly. You know what, let's rephrase that, the entire 12 years of studies flew by very quickly. It sure didn't feel quick when I was fighting through the school days, but it feels like all those 12 years have just passed in a blink of an eye when I look back at them now. As a child I always wondered how it would feel like, graduating high school. For me, I always viewed it as a stepping stone to adulthood, as if the prep time is over and it's now the game time. Sure, stepping into the next stage of my life feels a little bit scary. But every time, I'm always reminded that I had been waiting for this moment for as long as I could remember. As far as I can say, it's entirely different to how my 5-year-old self pictured, everything from my last day of school to my graduation day. I mean, of course it would. I'm not a psychic or whatever. But all I can say is that, I am doing exactly what my 5-year-old self dreamed of doing. 

Well, that took a different turn from what I expected. So, you're wondering, how the hell does this outfit I'm wearing has anything to do with me graduating? If you don't follow me on instagram, you might not know that I just had a farewell dinner last week, and this was the outfit I was dressed in for the night. Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's 80s fashion, I handmade everything from this outfit, with the exception of the suede heels and floral necklace. Too bad I wasn't bold enough to went all out with the lion hair and gazillion stacks of necklaces. But I did inject the crucial elements of the 80s fashion : Sequins & Tulle. Since the presence of sequins were fancy enough, I didn't want to overdo it, which is why I went for a clean silhouette for the top, just a top with a basic cut to throw over the puffy tulle skirt. 

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  1. Perfect:) xx

  2. Congratulations for graduating, Mel! :D

  3. how amazing is it that you made your outfit by yourself
    and yap! i also just graduate this year . im from Sutomo 1 and you are from SIS right?

  4. lovely :)


  5. Your skirt is super cute!!