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Top - Unbranded | Ripped jeans - Forever 21 | Necklace - H&M | Sneakers - Vans | Rings - H&M   You know how the...

Top - Unbranded | Ripped jeans - Forever 21 | Necklace - H&M | Sneakers - Vans | Rings - H&M 

You know how there are days where you are just too lazy to pick out something cool to wear and all you wanna do is sprawl on the couch all day. For one of those days, I usually just go straight out for the sneakers and skinny jeans slash sweatpants combo, which is the easiest and comfiest pairing ever. But again, that's what i wear 90% of the time, which can appear pretty dull, I know. Thats where the gold pieces come in, I always find the need to sneak on some dainty rings or throw on a necklace, never failing to incorporate some gold accents into the outfit to add just enough edge to dismiss the dullness. 

Oh before I go, one question, am I the only one who find it hard to come up with a seamless and smooth closing line for a post? I mean I know I could end the post with "So what do you guys think?" or something like that, but that's just plain awkward.

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  1. have the same closing line issue with you!

  2. Super:) xx

  3. Nice pictures! I have the same problem with coming up with closing lines for posts, too, so I usually just end up ending them abruptly. I know it doesn't flow very well, but it's all I can think of without having a cliche ending.

  4. Really appreciate your inspiring blog :)


  5. hi melda. xx

    lol coz you’re not the only one! i as well find it hard to end my posts with something unique. haha
    and i totally agree with you with the gold! gold for daces!!

    love always,

  6. I receive inspiration from your photograph.
    So beautiful.