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  Plaid shirt - Mango | Tee - Logo | Denim shorts - H&M |  Everly Wrap boots -  Jeffrey Campbell , via  Tuchuzy  | Belt ...


Plaid shirt - Mango | Tee - Logo | Denim shorts - H&M | Everly Wrap boots - Jeffrey Campbell, via Tuchuzy | Belt - PDI | Rings - Accessorize + Diva 

Photographed by Ricky Ang

Went for the old school overlay of plaid shirt which can never go wrong. Though you have to be careful while overlaying several garments as it can make you appear bulkier than you are, which is why I had to tuck my tee in to make it look more fitted than it already was and show some waistline. Also, say hello again to my fav pair of booties! Its very hard to keep myself away from them as they seem to match anything I wear perfectly. In addition to that, they also make the perfect summer boots since there are cut outs on the sides, hence ventilation. I know it is not much of a difference wether its summer or not here in my town, but one thing I can tell you is that it has been wayy hotter than the usual.

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  1. nicee!:) xx

  2. Aaa~ love this look!! :))
    the plaid shirt and boots look perf!! <33

    cheer, michelle

  3. I love those boots! They look amazing and its a plus that they can be worn all year round!

  4. This is one of my go-to looks as well. I love how the overlay of shirts exudes an effortless vibe! Love these photos! xx

  5. cool boots. and cute peace-sign belt buckle :) xx

  6. love your whole look!