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Dress - Forever 21 | Circle necklace - H&M | Crystal point necklace - Forever 21 |  Everly Wrap boots -  Jeffrey Campbell...

Dress - Forever 21 | Circle necklace - H&M | Crystal point necklace - Forever 21Everly Wrap boots - Jeffrey Campbell, via Tuchuzy | Handbag - Topshop 

You know how when you are so into something in the beginning and your interest starts to fade away towards the end? Thats what happened to me when I got to into documenting my first day of the trip that I just got lazier in capturing and recording everything about the trip, which is why there are no other pictures aside from the pictures of my outfit from that day. This could possibly be the last set of photos of my outfit during my vacation.

If you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen this outfit. This was the outfit I wore on the third day I suppose, I picked something more casual, a little white dress. Oh i can't even begin to tell you how much I love this dress. I have always been the fan of something simple yet versatile. This dress is both casual and dressy at the same time, it is something you can throw on during a chilled day or a more posh event. My one go-to-trick whenever I am wearing a plain casual piece is to chuck on some gold necklaces in different lengths, in this way it makes it seems like I've put a lil bit more of effort to my outfit.

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  1. love that look so much, so delicate! and your necklaces are just perfect.

  2. super:)) xx

  3. So lovely! Love the boots! xx


  4. Love the dress and how you styled it! Simple yet gorgeous (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  5. lovely outfit
    its simple yet so sophisticated

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    sacs et chaussures

  6. i really like our dress! beautiful look!

  7. love this outfit so much and the title of this post, do you happen to be a Troye Sivan fan?
    have a nice day,


  8. Love your little white dress


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  10. That dress is unbelievable! So gorgeous! How can you stand having to wait to wear it!?!?!?