Seven Treasures

Jumpsuit - Unbranded | Floral shoes - Dr.Martens | Black leather rucksack - Unbranded | Rings - Diva | Hat - Forever 21   ...

  • Jumpsuit - Unbranded | Floral shoes - Dr.Martens | Black leather rucksack - Unbranded | Rings - Diva | Hat - Forever 21 
Photographed by : Steffie Eddy

Judging from the different length of hair, you might notice these pictures were taken months ago. I kinda forgot to publish this post because you see, I uploaded the pictures to this post the same time I uploaded all other sets of pictures. So all the new blog posts just pile up above this one and this post was nowhere to be seen. Before the Bali trip, I had planned numerous of outfits to bring along. This was one of it, however I didn't have the chance to wear this considering the fuss of wearing a jumpsuit. It's always fun to wear a jumpsuit, until you have to go to the loo. But I felt like a jumpsuit fits in the whole summer vacation picture, which was why I brought it in the first place. 

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  1. nice look

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. great!:)) xo

  3. nice the bag


  4. wah so cute :3
    love your shoes :D

  5. The jumpsuit is so adorable! Love the lace hem detailing! xx

  6. your ringggg <3

  7. So simplistically beautiful! xx

  8. Lovely blog girly! Can't wait to read more from you [;
    Also, adorable outfit<3


  9. Haha x') I adore Jumpsuites too, they indeed have a summery feeling and jep, I can totally understand the bad side to x') haha
    Adorable outfit <3

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