A week in Sydney

A bombard of pictures captured during my one week holiday in Sydney. These pictures a...

A bombard of pictures captured during my one week holiday in Sydney. These pictures aren't even a quarter of the whole stock. Well, that's what happen when you're surrounded by tons of fascinating bits and bobs. Theres really nothing better than a week of waking up to impeccable breakfasts and such lovely weather. This time around, everything felt so laid back and chilled, like we got all the time in the world (which obviously we didn't). We pretty much spent the week eating great foods, enjoying amazing sceneries, and shopping in the city. Most importantly, I got the chance to experience P!NK's mind-blowing show. Think acrobats and airwalks, the opening and closing numbers truly left me in awe. I really didn't expect all of that to happen, every single number was performed in such epic ways. I literally couldn't shut up about it. Have I told you that Youngblood hawke opened for her? I gotta admit they're rather awesome. Thanks to that, now I'm kinda addicted to their single - We come running.

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  1. Gorgeous! :)


  2. Those pict <3
    I really want your perfume !


  3. wow... seriously so envy T.T

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  4. you're photos are so awesome! Love the number one :)
    glad that you have a really great holiday at Sydney +
    p!nk concert.

  5. you have a good time, right? ^^ always love your photos...


  6. Amazing photos! Sydney is a great city, especially when you get a whole P!nk experience... Envy! x


  7. Omg u got such nice pictures! love the mood of them haha