Mini Japanese snacks haul

1.   北海道の畑の じゃがいろ サクサク [キューブ] . Which I think literally translates to Hokkaido crunchy colored potato cubes. Is it just me or majorit...

1. 北海道の畑の じゃがいろ サクサク [キューブ]. Which I think literally translates to Hokkaido crunchy colored potato cubes. Is it just me or majority of the most delicious japanese snacks are really produced in Hokkaido? Anyway, I thought it'd be easier for you to google it if I leave the japanese writing as well incase you'd like to check it out, since googling it in english and romaji had got me nowhere. Frankly, I think they taste pretty much the same with Jaga Pokkuru (じゃがポックル). In fact, I like this better than Jaga Pokkuru as they're smaller in size which makes it easier to eat. I don't know bout you, but I really like chewing a handful of chips at the same time. So the shape and size really come in handy. This is definitely a must-have for y'all potato chips lovers.
2. Copan basil & cheese mini toast rusks by Meiji. I should probably thank Michelle for introducing me to this one, though she initially introduced me to the garlic one. I had my mom to get me the garlic one, but I guess it was out of stock or something. So she bought this instead. I just love the size and how crunchy they are. It was the small size that drew me in, really. It's really cute don't you think? Anyway, I served them as a side with a pasta dish yesterday and it was perfect.
3. ROYCE' milk and creamy milk chocolate bars. Some other snacks that are originally produced in Hokkaido. Let me tell you something, I am a huge fan of japanese chocolate, particularly strawberry flavored chocolate, they have like the best strawberry flavored chocolate. But I've been chocolate fasting, I don't eat much chocolate anymore. Does it makes sense that I'm a huge fan of chocolate but I don't eat much chocolate? To be honest, I haven't got around to unwrap these and have a bite as I've been having a massive break out and I really don't want to make it worse. Though I've tried the blue one before and I love how it's not too sweet. My family and I seem to really like it, so I guess that's why my mom got some of these again. Oh, and you should totally check ROYCE' website out, they have like gazillion sorts of other delicious chocolates which look mighty fine to me.

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  1. YES, translating Japanese in Google Translate makes no sense. At all. I always talk in English with my Japanese friends (though their English is sometimes a little bit 'dull') hahaha. Thanks for sharing these awesome Japanese snacks!

  2. seems delicious!

  3. Dunno whether you're a player of Pokemon but the first ones look like Pokeblocks. Which I find immensely entertaining!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x