Stick and stones

Striped penny babydoll dress - Motel Rocks  | Leather vest & Chain necklace -    Forever 21 |  1461-C2B, Pewter - Dr.Martens Photogr...

  • Striped penny babydoll dress - Motel Rocks | Leather vest & Chain necklace -  Forever 211461-C2B, Pewter - Dr.Martens

  • Photographed by : Ricky Ang

    This time around, I've decided to give Monochromatic print a try. However, instead of going all 60s with checkered, I went for stripe with this black and white striped dress that Motel Rocks sent me the other day. Lately, I've realized that this pair of docs pretty much goes with everything I have in my closet. It's definitely my go-to shoes now. Anyway, I'm currently enjoying every minute of my one week off before I go back to face my last three examinations. There are just so many things to do yet so little time and way too many ways to procrastinate. I could always find various ways to procrastinate, which is awful by the way. Then there are also so many distractions that seem to keep me away from finishing my summary notes and study. With numerous of photos from my latest photo sessions to edit, the amount of distractions have just been multiplied by a hundred.

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    1. Nice outfit, that dress is amazing! Good luck for your exams! x

    2. I really love your vest!
      stayy gorgeouss <3

      visit mine in ue spare time x

    3. love the outfit! you look amazing. the vest is so cool. the necklace is very nice and completes the outfit totally! great look :)
      have a nice day ♥

    4. nice! love this outfit!
      the dress is so cute :D

    5. really a great way to pair up that stripes dress!

    6. love your outfit ! the dress are amazing black and white never die

    7. I adore this striped outfit :D I saw you in your lookbook account and you have a nice style there !

    8. nice outfit! <3
      I love your leather vest!!! xx

    9. I can not reiterate how did I get here ...
      it is not a problem but my luck
      I do not understand very well about fotografhy and fashion
      but I'm quite aware of the charming smile that
      just about me and you

    10. well done it looks stunning!

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    11. super rad outfit! simple yet so chic!

      Pudding Monster

    12. you look so pretty dear ^^

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      Thank youuuu <3


    13. gorgeous! i really love the way you mix the dress and the leather vest <3