Blazer - Forever 21 | T-shirt - New Look | Black jeans - Forever21 | Sling bag - Esprit | Chain bracelet - Forever 21 | Loafers - unbra...

Photographed by : Steffie Eddy

All these times, I've always gone for bright colors when it comes to jeans. That explains why it never occurs to me that I didn't have any trousers for a more formal look, not even one. How terrible is that? I can't believe I've been living for 14 years without a single pair something as versatile as black jeans. I think all of you have at least owned a black jeans once in your lifetime. Well, not me. I've been looking for the right bottom to pair this blazer with for ages and apparently, all I need was just a pair of black jeans. Since the blazer itself is oversized, I personally think the best way to pair it is with a fitted bottom to avoid looking slouchy and all. Initially, I planned to wear it with a button up, but I found it quite dressy and it just wasn't what I was looking for in a casual outfit. I honestly find little details of an outfit really matter. Sometimes people don't even pay attention to little details but I really think simple details like the zippers on the sides of my jeans and the nano-dotted print showing when I roll up the sleeves of my blazer give more definitions to the outfit.

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  1. Love your oversized blazer,
    I just realized I don't have a pair of black jeans myself!

  2. Love the outfits! very fresh and lovely

  3. you shirt and blazer is so amazziinngg! love it soo muchh <3

    visit mine in ur spare time x

  4. how cool you are wearing it.
    I hope you see my blog. thank you very much :)

  5. I love the color of the blazer! And your bag was really pretty, love it!


  6. Nice outfit ;)
    You are so pretty! ;*

  7. love your blazer and bag! you look stunning! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  8. nice bag, great shoes <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  9. I love your blazer! Especially the color! ♥.♥

    Visit mine if you have time, I'd be so glad if you like it and follow me. I'll follow you back. Just let me know on my blog :))
    The Girl Behind The Pen

  10. I love all your post because I think your style is simple but gorgeous looks <3<3
    keep gorgeous!
    and I've followed you,wanna do the same ? :)

  11. cute jacket! <3 and your shoes! haha

  12. I love how this sharp look is made more subtle with pink color!

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  13. I loved this look girl! The blazer is unbelievable!
    I just found your blog and I think it is amazing, you are doing such s great job! :)


  14. That blazer and shoes are relly nice. Perfect color. Have a great weekend.

  15. pretty girl! love this outfit
    visit my blog :

  16. Every girl needs a pair of black jeans! Glad you found the right ones. Love the color scheme. :)

  17. love your outfit as usualllll<3


  18. You look so beautiful! Love your outfit, the top and the jacket are gorgeous, and the ballerina flats are so cute :)


    "Sa├║de & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  19. oh how pretty! thanks for stopping by