Recently I...

1. Received another gift order from a friend. Incase you don't get it, it's a polaroid camera which shoots out a picture with the...

1. Received another gift order from a friend. Incase you don't get it, it's a polaroid camera which shoots out a picture with the birthday greeting. It's been a while since I last did anything with clay. Just haven't found any reason to fool around with clay aside from making gift orders.

2. Tried the new puncher my mom just got. I gotta tell you, it's amazing. Well, I guess every Martha Stewart's puncher is amazing. I ended up using the paper doily to decorate the wrapping of the gift.
3. Had Quaker oat's apple & cinnamon cookies along with strawberry & banana smoothie for breakfast. Everybody kept telling me how Quaker oat's cookies taste really nice. I didn't understand what the fuss was about until I tried these cookies. They really taste amazing. I've tried the raisins cookies as well, but they just can't beat the apple & cinnamon cookies . You must think I'm out of my mind by having just cookies and a glass of smoothie for breakfast. But you have to understand that banana is an energy boosting fruit. Not only it tastes really good, it's healthy as well. 

3. Spent quite sometime in our craft room while waiting for the clay mini polaroid camera to dried up. Then I found the pins that I got from Dr.Martens stuffed in a jar together with rest of the pins my mom made from fabrics.
4. Listened to Rain by Patty Griffin as I resumed making summary notes for my upcoming pain-in-the-ass-examinations and indulged myself in a cup of lime juice. I have no idea why it was made in a cup instead of a glass. 
5. Had my face captured by Mira when I was editing all these photos. I don't usually hang out in the kitchen, but I made an exception since the breeze blowing from the windows behind me was surprisingly soothing. Yeah, you've probably never seen me in my specs before. 
6. Had a scoop of green tea ice cream that Mira made. Which by the way needed to be stirred every 45 minutes by ME during the process of transforming into an ice cream, since our ice cream maker just couldn't work properly. Thank god it tastes perfect or else all those getting up from my perfectly cozy couch would've been for nothing.

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  1. aww those photos are pretty yet soo pastel <33 i love everysingle one of them! would you mind telling me waht app did you use? :))
    have a nice day loves! xo

  2. you're soo cutee! Love ur photos <3

    visit mine in ur spare time

  3. These are great pictures! I love the little peek into your life.

    <3 Melissa

  4. cute photos ><

  5. I love how you utilized that doily that you made! Too cute!

    <3 Zoe (´∀`)

  6. I love the photos! They're all so pleasing to look at! <3 :)