Fifteen [ blogger competition]

Leather biker jacket - TOPSHOP | Mini dress (worn as top) - Nikicio  | Silver skater skirt - unbranded | Necklace - Foreve...

Hi! It's my birthday again! Just turned 15 like 16 hours ago!

Anyway, I was nominated as the top 5 bloggers for's pattern look for bloggers. So, now I'm competing with 4 other bloggers to win the prize by posting another look featuring Nickicio's mini dress which is worn as a top. The first thing that came to my mind when I received this mini dress from for the blogger competition was 'Metallic'. I guess it's because of the futuristic vibe that I got from the mini dress. At that moment I knew immediately that it's going to match my silver skirt perfectly. After searching for quite sometime, I finally found this silver skater skirt during my spring break. The reason why I love this skirt so much is that the silver color really adds a twist of edginess to this skirt. I knew I had to have this since the first time I saw it on the internet. With their geometric shapes, the accessories were meant to give this outfit a futuristic element. I was actually going for something futuristic. You know, metallics and stuffs. Though I know it turned out to be merely semi futuristic. 

P.S : If you guys have instagram account, (which I'm sure most of you do) please kindly show some love by liking this look on @LocalBrandID's instagram to increase my chance of winning's blogger competition and let me have the best birthday gift ever!

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  1. gorgeouss look! <3
    visit mine on ur apre time ;D

  2. so gorgeous! already loved your photos on instagram<333


  3. waaah!
    congrats for being top 5 :D
    hope you win and its a gorgeous outfit ❤
    whaaaaat? you're only 15? so young but stylish :D

  4. Oh my goodness, you look so beautiful,
    Nice to read your blog dear..

    I follow you now,


  5. so pretty :)

  6. how chic! perfect combination <3

  7. Definitely my favorite look! Good luck in the competition :) Anyway happy belated Melda! Stay amazing! xx

  8. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  9. Lovely lovely, love the whole ensemble!

  10. really great look! those shoes are amazing xx

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  12. love your docmart!
    came across your blog and found it inspiring!
    maybe we can follow each? I'm from indonesia too ;)
    now following you.

    Wulan Wu on

  13. Nice outfits. Love your Oxford shoes, it's a huge trend right now. Check this out -->
    Good luck for the competition :)

    >>> <<<

  14. Your hair is so pretty
    Much love,