Do you still remember this pal right here? The little toy that every kid was crazy about, at least I was. Well before they invented iPad and...

Do you still remember this pal right here? The little toy that every kid was crazy about, at least I was. Well before they invented iPad and things like that. I've been meaning to blog about this for a few months now, but it just got lost in my mind.
It wasn't so long ago since I revisited my childhood memory and started playing Tamagotchi again. All of the sudden, I found it very interesting again and couldn't stop playing it. Trust me, I wasn't the only one. 

Then I wonder, how the hell could Japanese be soooo god damn creative and invented this? I mean, it's like a pet you never had. You know how parents feel when you're asking them to get you a real pet, like dogs for instance. Even the thought of cleaning the mess your dog's going to make freak them out. I know this is probably nothing like real pet, but hey it's something. You still need to feed it regularly, play the mini games, clean up their poopoo ( although you just need to press a button, and it's all gone). Sometimes it can get quite annoying when they feel hungry so fast that you need to feed them again while you're in the middle of something. See the two pictures on the first row? My pet's actually brushing her teeth. How cute is that? Wait, do they even have teeth? I've never seen any. You can also visit other pets by connecting your tamagotchi to another. Mine even got married, and has a child. Lol 

But anyway, the second generation of my tamagotchi died during the first few weeks of holiday. So……. I stopped playing it. It was fun playing it at school, to kill the boredom, but I'm just never bored at home, I always have things to do. Which was why I didn't feel like reseting it and raising another pet anymore. Still, for those of you who haven't tried, you should! You should probably try the one that comes with color, it's even cuter!

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  1. Haha, such a cute post! Childhood memories coming back now because of it. I never thought of the persons who might have created it xD But your're right, they were very creative.. genius!

    Have a nice day,

  2. i forget the last time I played that game hahaha

    pls see my neklace post all < IDR 50K ♥



  3. Oh my gosh, I used to LOVE my Tamagotchi!! I especially loved it when they came out with a Pikachu version *^__^*


  4. I have noooo idea where my Tamagotchi went. Now I want to find it.

    <3 Melissa

  5. i know that game,but i have never played that :(


  6. okay, I'm so envy with you. I've never played this >.<

  7. waw that tamagotchi is so cuteee <3


  8. so cuteee!
    i never play that :(
    but i know that game :D

    btw i have a new post on my blog, hope you'll like it :D

  9. wow, I have tht one too!exactly some colour with you! like you can be friends or connected with other by infra red, how I miss tht thing in sudden:<


  10. i adore your blog! I just stumbled upon it, so cute <3 xxx

  11. I also have one! the green one actually I miss my tamagotchi :'
    well meida, mind to follow each other?
    I definitely done following you



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