Continued silence

Photographed by :  Steffie Eddy Denim sleeveless button up - Factorie | Bones printed tank - unknown | Shorts - Uni...

Photographed by : Steffie Eddy

  • Denim sleeveless button up - Factorie | Bones printed tank - unknown | Shorts - Uniqlo | Sling purse - Accessorize | Spiky bangle - dotti | Skull ring - diva
Truth to be told, this look was shot like months ago. The reason why I postpone this look for so long is because I find it totally wearable that I just couldn't post it until I actually wear it out. Anyway, I hardly went out, so I ended up wearing this outfit during my holiday trip. The fact that this printed tank shows just the right amount of skin is one of the many reasons I bought it. It's good that this tank isn't like any other tanks I bought which is too revealing that I have to pull it up every minute, you know what I mean. 

Ugh. I haven't exactly get enough sleep lately, which is annoying as hell by the way. The moment I've decided to go to bed, something distracting just comes up and stops me. Is it just me or what?

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  1. Love the bone printed tank! xoxo

  2. I hate tanks that I constantly have to pull up... I completely understand where you're coming from!!


  3. everything on this outfit is awesome! wonderful ^^ love the ring and the bag.. the top too~~

    visit my little cream button♥

  4. That ring is adorable! I'm also in love with that top. x

    <3 Melissa

  5. i love your denim sleeveless!xo

  6. ooow all your looks are so sweet and stylish! This one agin is soo wonderful! Really love the demin jacket!

  7. how gorgeous!