Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

After all the teasers I saw on instagram, Victoria's Secret's 2012 fashion show was finally aired on December 4th. I know, I'm...

After all the teasers I saw on instagram, Victoria's Secret's 2012 fashion show was finally aired on December 4th. I know, I'm like a week late. I'm always so excited about Victoria's Secret fashion show every year. This year's show is definitely worth waiting. 

Opening the show in a Circus theme is a very brilliant idea, with all the acrobats, balloons and I especially love the poodle look that Doutzen pulled. After that, it's the Dangerous Liaisons theme. What Rihanna wore for Dangerous Liaisons is just super classy and sexy at the same time. Pearls and lace can never go wrong. Aside from her outfit, one thing I like about this theme is the humongous gate, it has that wicked vibe which really matches the 'dangerous' theme. My favorite looks from this theme would be what Constance wore, the pastel colors are lovely. Okay,  I love all the pastel looks from this theme. Other than that, I also love what Doutzen (again) wore, the cage corset, the black feather wings are just stunning.

The calendar girl theme is probably my favorite amongst all. It's so eventful, I love like almost every look from this theme. Another thing I like about Victoria's Secret's fashion show is that they're not afraid to go big, I mean look at the oversized beach hat. Aa, I would be thrilled to have that.
My second favorite theme would be Angels in Bloom. It kinda reminds me of Barbie : Fairytopia, especially the high heels with leaves all around the calves. You know how I always pay attention to the gory details. I find the second outfit Rihanna wore for Angels in Bloom quite hideous, what's up with that piece of cloth tied around her waist? Her outfit would do just fine without that piece of cloth hanging around her waist.

Oh, don't forget that Justin Bieber's also performing in this show. The acoustic version of as long as you love me he sang is breath-takingly wonderful. I found the first few looks from the youthful PINK Ball aren't so interesting, but as it went, it got more interesting. 
The reason why Silver Screen Angels's my least favorite is because I find the color palette of black, white and silver quite boring. I know it's so classy and all, but I always like it better when it's cheerful and fun.  

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  1. Their theme and angles always the best!<3<3
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