Mallzee - Making shopping social

So, tonight I'm introducing you to a website called Malzee  that's launching later this year. Malzee allows users to have online ...

So, tonight I'm introducing you to a website called Malzee that's launching later this year. Malzee allows users to have online shopping experiences that are pretty much similar to shopping in an actual mall. Mallzee also allows users to create their online shopping mall (Mallzee) by filling it with their favorite brands. More than 200 stores have already signed up. Once users have built their Mallzee, they are then allowed to invite their friends to shop with them, talk about products in chat, promote their Mallzee or brand choices on Facebook or Twitter. Other than that, the user who builds the Mallzee is getting paid whenever their friend buys anything via it. 
Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Join them now to receive an exclusive prelaunch invite and be the first to use Mallzee - later this year. And don't forget to enter their launch competition too to win great prizes!

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    Kiss from Poland ♥

  4. very interesting! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  5. Wow that sounds really cool, I can't wait to see when it launches :)

  6. wow... the colors :D you look pretty. and yes, aku lihat unicorn'nya :p

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