Little flower candy

Floral cardigan - Mango | Tank - Uniqlo | Colored jeans - Mango | Framed cat ring - LOLis | Platform heels - TRF This...

  • Floral cardigan - Mango | Tank - Uniqlo | Colored jeans - Mango | Framed cat ring - LOLis | Platform heels - TRF
This was my outfit during the little-get-together with the boys last Sunday, it was my coach's birthday celebration actually. I've been in love with soft colors and pastels lately, especially pink color. Don't know why I am feeling so girly lately, but it's not like I felt less girly before. I've always been girly, but not so girlish like how I've been recently. The pink colored jeans has shown enough of girly essence, but there's nothing like a delicate floral print to add a girly twist to an outfit. Besides the flower print has a little pink in it. 

This is the other framed cat ring that I bought. I have another, which is quite similar to this one. You might've spotted the green one in one of my outfit post before (14). I really love both of them, though I'm not a cat person myself. And I couldn't decide which one I like the most, so I ended up buying both of them. I'm much more a dog person rather than a cat person when it comes to pet. Somehow when it comes to decorations like prints or paintings, I like cats better instead of dogs.

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  1. you always look sweet :)

  2. one word only : sweet!

    perfect combination of all the outfit! the ring is very cute! :D

  3. so lovely :) the tone and the pastel outfit
    also the cat ring .. looks vintage :)
    Oh! seems you really have a good boy-friends.
    sometimes we're more comfortable with boys
    rather than girls :)
    am I right?


  4. This is seriously too cute ♥

  5. This outfit is so sweet and ladylike. <3

  6. nyaw you look so lovelyyyy <33 adore the pastel color :333

  7. cute and so girlish!
    love your pink pastel outfit!

    visit my blog ♥

  8. Beautiful! So pretty and dreamy! Love ur blog!