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Knitted sweater - Zara | Tiger-printed glasses necklace - Forever21 | High-waist shorts - unbranded Well, it has b...

  • Knitted sweater - Zara | Tiger-printed glasses necklace - Forever21 | High-waist shorts - unbranded

Well, it has been raining like a bitch lately. Considering the fact that the view from my window was picturesque, I couldn't help letting the view went to waste, so I decided to take pictures for this outfit post. I just love to see all the trees swaying behind my window as the rain pours down my window glass. I've just finished reading the whole chapters of Deadlocked a few days ago. I can't believe every time I asked someone to go to bookstore and look for that book, they all came back saying 'They're sold out'. I thought I'd have to wait for next month till I look for that book by myself. But then Steffie found it in the airport bookstore. I really have to thank her for finding that book.  Sookie Stackhouse's story series of novels are the reason why I started to read on the first place. Charlaine Harris had published 12 books from the series so far. Can't wait for the 13th book : Dead ever after. It's so sad that that's going to be the last book of the series. 

Anyway, Cassaela from Undercover Dress-up Lover asked me days ago whether I'm interested to answer questions for the interview section on her blog. I said yes and the post has been published, so click here if you'd like to read.

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  1. Haaawt photography, the 6th one's my favourite. Thanks for the mention!

    Cass x

  2. great photos! oh how I love your room

  3. nice photos ,, especially photo number six :D

  4. very pretty pics melda :)

    check out my blog too

  5. Gosh, such lovely and peaceful photos :)

  6. very beautiful photos! <3 i have the same necklace as yours :D

    nice banner by the way! love it ;)

  7. beautiful photographs
    the fifth is my favourite

  8. you really sweet girl :)

  9. you look pretty :)
    mind to follow each other dear?:)

  10. aahh prettyyy :D
    and beautiful photographs :)
    your outfit choice is really sweet ♥

    anyway, i saw your previous posts about some cake and strawberry panacotta.
    would you mind to share the recipe ? :D they look really delicious !

    and you've got your new followers here ♥
    ruby and rosa

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  12. Hi, love your blog! I hope we can follow each other's blog :-) I'll be waiting for your reply :-) xoxo

  13. great photo and ur style is very sweet, I like that :D

  14. your sweater looks warmly chic! and a cute combination with the cute necklace <3

  15. such a girly and elegant outfit. the necklace added a sense of cuteness though. You capture that outfit just right, I'll love to see such lovely lady reading books in the streets, or in library. it's just gorgeous.

    ps. i like your photos, almost all. following you for more lovely pieces!


  16. Hi Dear.. i love your blog. so im following now. mind to follow back?? :D

    Gisela on Wardrobe Platform

  17. Very beautiful photos - I love the lightness, and think that jumper is gorgeous!

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    greetings from hong kong.

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  19. super love your blog!
    following you now :D

  20. pretty photos :)

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    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa