What's in my bag ?

I think unlike other girls, I don't carry a lot of things with me when I go out. These are the only things that I usually ...

I think unlike other girls, I don't carry a lot of things with me when I go out. These are the only things that I usually carry in my bag : 

1. Wallet. For obvious reason that everybody knows. To keep my money, coins, member cards, debit card and receipts. Yes I am the type of girl who keeps receipts from every purchase. So I will be able to track down my spendings and the shops where I got my interesting things from. 

2. Cellphones. I always carry both of my cellphones with me so incase one of them is running out of battery, I can use another one. 

3. Perfume. I always spray my perfume before I get out of the car, because for me the scent lasts longer. The COCO MADEMOISELLE perfume by Chanel is my current favorite among all of my perfume. I've been using it most of the time, lately. 

4. Body lotion. It's nice that my uncle gave me few of the mini size l'occitane body lotion since it's easy to carry around because sometimes I don't have time to use my body lotion when I was at home, so I carry it out with me. I can never stand going somewhere without using any body lotion because I have a dry skin that will make me feel uncomfortable if my skin's not moisturize. 

5. Mini comb. You know, to comb my hair when it's getting messy. 

6. Lip smacker. This suits me the best, serving what it does best, keeping my lips moisturized. The best thing I like about it is it's colorless and not sticky. Since lipstick makes me look older, and lipgloss makes me look weird with it's glossy touch. 

7. Tissue/Wet tissue. All of the tissue packagings here are ugly, so I decided not to include the picture.

Additional :

Camera. It can be either polaroid or my dslr. But it depends on where I go, is it necessary to bring any cameras. I usually bring my Polariod camera when I'm hanging out with my friends for ordinary lunch, brunch, or movies. I only bring my DSLR when I'm attending an important event where I find that there's a need for me to capture good quality pictures, like the party that I organize (includes my birthday parties) and the boys' games. Yes, the boys' games are important enough for me to carry my heavy camera with me. 

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  1. You have such a cute bag, and your accessories are adorable! Great post. :)

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  2. I like your stuffs! <3 they're all very pretty


  3. i love your bag... simply cool :)


  4. I really like your phone cover here!


  5. Your bag is so cute. I always love looking at what other fashion bloggers have in their purses.


  6. You have such a beautiful bag and wallet!
    I always carry a hand cream with me also..