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So, finally, huh? Have y'all been missing me?  An electric purple color envelope clutch that I've forgotten the name o...

So, finally, huh? Have y'all been missing me? 

An electric purple color envelope clutch that I've forgotten the name of the brand to, though I remember buying it somewhere in an office stationary shop in Sydney. To tell you the truth, this is not an a actual clutch, it's supposed to keep files/documents. But it looks kinda cute, so I just bought it.

  • Beige blazer - Paper&Scissors | Dress - The i imk | Belt - unbranded | Heels - Trafaluc, ZARA

I don't think I'll be posting a blog post on the Graduation BBQ after-party. But I have to admit I spent more than a week waking up to the thought of missing the atmosphere that night, how crowded it was, how everybody was having fun, how we struggle to sleep at night because some of them keep making jokes and giggling, how we had every meal together, how we lied down together watching movies. Now I can imagine if we're all leaving in the same house, it's going to be super nice. haha 

I wasn't able to post any outfit post these past few weeks because my family and I are in the process of moving in to our new home, so my things are between places as it's not convenient for me to pull out pieces to shoot for an outfit post. But, I was able to take pictures in my new room last two days. So, the next time I'm posting an outfit post, the venue will be different. It's really nice to see all of my clothes, bags, purses, everything are well-organized. Like finally, everything's organized according to the colors into a rainbow-like-palette like the way it used to be 8 months ago.

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  1. love all the pastel look, and the electric purple purse really caught my eyes :D

  2. you look so classy and pretty with this outfit,seriously!

  3. hi dear! rrobaTeen OPENED PO4 for accessories with 491 new photos and just uploaded on facebook, page, twitter, instagram and our blog. check it dear! you will find cute. unique and cheap accessories ( ) :D :D

  4. hey! congratulations for your new house c:

  5. beautiful clutch or whatever is that hahaha congratulation for your new house, ci! <3 can't wait for your next post
    I've followed your blog btw..feel free to visit mine too if you have time

  6. Love the clutch! Nice look! <3
    Mind to follow each other? I'm following yours :)

    Chic & Skinny

  7. I like your style B)
    I am following you now, hope we can follow each others :)

  8. love your blog:) so cute!