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Sleeveless tee - TOPSHOP | Braided belt - PDI | Pleated chiffon skirt - unbranded | Sneakers - Converse | Ring - unbranded ...

  • Sleeveless tee - TOPSHOP | Braided belt - PDI | Pleated chiffon skirt - unbranded | Sneakers - Converse | Ring - unbranded

A week ago, few of my buddies and I went bowling. It was just a few of us, since some of the boys suddenly bailed on us. I remember the last time I bowled was 3 years ago, and I suddenly felt like bowling again, so I decided to asked my buddies to bowl with me. Apparently Elva happened to own pretty similar outfits like the one I wore, so she decided to dressed up like me, haha.
Anyway, I only have 4 days of school left. Then I'll be as free as a bird. Can't wait, really can't wait for holidays. Waking up late, having enough sleep. Haven't had enough sleep lately since I really need to get good scores for my finals. Again, can't wait.

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  1. Cute outfit =) X

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  2. love the skirt !

  3. the combination between cute and boyish! J'adoree!
    By the way, I opened your old post and notice that you bought something from boticca. How long it takes to arrive here?

    Summer Flounce

  4. my fav style !
    love your blog , I'm your new follower :D
    mind to follow each other ? :)

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    I already follow your blog. mind to follow my blog too?
    btw I love your blog ^^ especially that ring!

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  7. love everything and the combitation but ring... just AMAZING

  8. Beautiful skirt, and I love it with the Converse. Little details like the belt and the layers of the skirt really makes this outfit.

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x