Lace top - JayJays | Skirt - Lowrys farm | Framed cat ring - LOLis | Rose ring - Forever21 | Polka dot Mary Jane wedg...

  • Lace top - JayJays | Skirt - Lowrys farm | Framed cat ring - LOLis | Rose ring - Forever21 | Polka dot Mary Jane wedges - Esperanza | Floral sling bag - Ripcurl 
Spent my last day of being a 13 years old girl with my buddies yesterday. I don't know why it's such a coincidence. This happens like every year, Every time I throw a birthday party, my parents become busy out of the sudden and they can't give me a ride to anywhere. So my best friend had to picked me up from my shop yesterday. After spending hours watching the boys playing basketball, it's time for our party, mine and Elva's. Since the both of us have the same idea of where and when to celebrate, we decided to celebrate our birthday together. The first few hours was okay, everything was fun, we played truth after all of us are done with our dinner. 

Then when the clock started to struck 10, all of them started to planned on how to bash both of the birthday girls. My coach was the one who shushed the both of us out of the restaurant with the reason they want to discuss something that are not supposed to be listened by the both of us. We precisely told them not to do something crazy, do not. After a few minutes, all of the girls came out, they wanted the both of us to look up the to sky. There's this thing which came across our heads 'what is this? are there going to be fireworks that shoot 'Happy Birthday'?'. The both of us didn't want to look at the sky though, we keep facing to the restaurant. We knew they were going to come out with the cakes that the girls brought and slammed it to our face. It was my coach who first came out with a cake on his hand and slammed it to Elva's face, I ran to the other side and there's this one guy who fucking slammed the cake to my face, I didn't know who was it, it was a blur. Then Derian came out with my camera and snap pictures of me, with so much whipped cream on my face and also body. And the craziness continued and continued, people throwing cakes on each other, rubbing the whipped cream on each others face. I even still smell like chocolate until now. I think I was slammed twice, I really was the true victim of the night. I had the most cake and whipped cream on my face, hair, everywhere.

But I'm not mad at all, we had a lot of fun. So much fun. I was so touched when I saw the bond we still have even though I'm not in the same school with them anymore. How each of them are willing to keep me updated with what's going on. Thank you guys for the presents and the wonderful night. Thank you to my best friend who drive me to places yesterday. Best night of the year!

Thank you for the greetings to those who greeted me already yet I haven't have the time to reply <3

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  1. Seems like you guys had a very great time! Happy birthday, Melda. May God always bless you.

  2. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birhtday dear milda, happy birhtday to you ;D

  3. happy belated birthday dear ♥
    you have a great body shape.
    and i love your outfit from head to toe!


  4. Happy Birthday Melda :)
    wish you all the best and GBU always!

    by the way,I love your wedges and your sling bag!


  5. happy birthday sweetie!
    your skirt is so pretty!!

  6. Nice outfit and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! god bless you !



  7. oh i love your bag and wedges! belated happy birthday to you <3


  8. happy happy birthday, melda dear !
    wish you all the happiness ^_____^
    you look really pretty in that outfit
    love the colors and your wedges so much !
    *hugs and kisses*

  9. Ah! happy bday to you. It's always nice to have a bday blast. Love your skirt btw. have a nice day! =)