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   Cropped top - Cotton on | Leather suspender - unbranded | Skinny trousers - Levi's | Floral shoes - TRF | Key dou...

  •  Cropped top - Cotton on | Leather suspender - unbranded | Skinny trousers - Levi's | Floral shoes - TRF | Key double ring - Forever21 | Leather mini rucksack - unbranded
So far the best day of the week, best day of March. Funny since it's only the 3rd of March. I'm officially booked every weekend on March, METAL will have a lot of games to fight this month. Today's was one of the confirmed matches. Remember when I said that their first match was on the same day with my birthday party last year? METAL fought with their first match's team again today, and still we won : METAL 46 - 32 Jend.Sudirman. I expect the final scores to reach 60s though.

Spent my afternoon watching them practicing and playing basketball is the only thing can make me happy right now. School is school, it's so tiring. I would kill for a vacation, seriously. Oh, I get to meet my other half today, the girl who has always been in the same path as I am. I miss her so much even though I just met her like 2 weeks ago. I don't get to meet my love though, I miss her so much. Bernis and I are so meant together while it's the opposite when it comes to Valerie. LOL. With Bernis, we can always meet each other even though we didn't plan it on the first place, but with Valerie, even though we plan everything properly already, in the end we STILL won't be able to meet. I don't know why but suddenly I really feel like spending time with my buddies everyday, I miss having fun, a lot.

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  1. your floral shoes = super pretty!!

  2. I love your outfit! and the shoes are really cute

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  3. very cute outfit, especially your shoes :)))

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  5. obsess with ur shoes, super cute!