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Hollywood cerise bowler hat | Cropped top - Forever21 | Belt - Forever21 | Brown cuffed corduroy pants - H81 | Brown leather loafe...

  • Hollywood cerise bowler hat | Cropped top - Forever21 | Belt - Forever21 | Brown cuffed corduroy pants - H81 | Brown leather loafers - TOPSHOP | Owl ring & Bangles - Unbranded

Steffie came to my house today, we cycled around the neighborhood and catch up a lil bit. hehee. So, I've made a list of things I first experienced in 2011, things I never done or experienced before in 2010. Here we go :

Missed the Valentine's day event at school
Confidently express my ideas
Having boys sleeping at my house
Boys entering my closet
Host a BBQ party
Been to BBQ party
Lending my shorts to boys
Performing with my band on stage
1 week friendship
Made a BOY cry
Crying over a friendship
Taking a driving lesson
Sing on stage
Not interested in school events at all
Sat next to the same guy every time I went to movie
Shopping alone
Fix my eyebrows
Write a song
Teach a guy how to cook
Lose 5 pounds in a week
Pretend to be someone's girl friend
Being friend with someone I used to hate
Study for exams
Score 100 two times in a row for my History exams
Fall in front of everybody
Having my things thrown across the room everyday
Sneak into other school's class
The only girl who watch a basketball game
Drive without driving license
Been to Australia and Phuket
Bought a heels
Bought a Dr.Martens boots
Owning a LBD
Smile non-stop while seeing a Movie star's photos
Love a movie star
Cycle to school
Creating a blog
Tasting Eclair
Succeed in baking Macarons
Create a Lookbook

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    1. I'm loving your style dear!

      I'm glad I found you through lookbook.

      I can't wait to see more of your posts.


    2. Thank you very much, dear :)
      I'll post another one soon :)

    3. You're an absolute doll and an inspiration! I'm looking forward to more from you :)

    4. The fearsome kid pirate : Thank youu :) You just made my day :D I'll post another looks soon :)

    5. Hey I love your style-simple and your hair.
      looking forward to more outfit posts


    6. you're only 13 but you have an awesome style! love your outfits so much and the bowler hat in this post is so cute! I love pink! ;D

    7. Jane J & Vintage process : thank youu :)
      Veren Lee : Thank youu :) I love your cute outfits as well ;D

    8. hey.. I'm 13 years old too same like you
      but your style really inspiring! :D

      mind to follow each other?

    9. Evelyn Tirza : Thank you :) Blog's followed :)

    10. i like your t-shirt.

      visit me:


      1. Thank you. I just visited your blog, nice blog ;)

    11. Oh, gosh, i love this look. It's actually really simple, but you make it work in such a unique way. And you have that careless look (and that's like.. only 1/20 13-year-olds have that) which is good. I think you have potential to be the next 'it' blogger!

      Anyway, i've followed you. Mind to follow each other? I really want to get to know you! (i'm just interested in unique people)


      1. Thank you very much for the compliments. Your blog's followed :)